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By Skip Richter, Travis County Extension Director, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Composting for Kids, Part 1

Composting for Kids, Part 2

Welcome to the world of youth gardening!


We hope the ideas and information on these pages will inspire and encourage you to find a youth and start building memories and fun times that will last a lifetime.

If we want a future where gardening  is important, where flowers and vegetables are important to our well-being, where the environment is cared for, then we must interest our young people in the joy of gardening.

The future of  Clubs is in the gardening hands and green thumbs of today’s children. Every affiliated club should have a Youth Gardening Committee with a chair.  This committee sets up the Youth Gardening Program and works throughout the year on various activities in Youth Gardening.


We hope that you will share your good ideas and suggestions with the TGOA Youth Gardening chair and committee at

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