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The application deadline is June 1, 2023

In our commitment to education and research, The Gardeners of America annually awards $1,000 scholarships.

Eligible applicants are majoring in horticulture or floriculture at accredited community colleges, universities or colleges.

Recipients hail from Ohio to Texas to New York to Missouri – sponsored by their local TGOA clubs and regions across the nation. They attend Ohio State, Minnesota State, Kansas State, University of Missouri, Texas A & M, Hennepin Tech, University of Nebraska, North Carolina State, Cornell, Farmingdale State, Richland College … you get the idea.

Application details are available from your local TGOA garden club, in this online Scholarship Application Guidelines, or from our national office at or 330-814-0068. 


2018 Recipients:
Student                           Hometown                         College                                             Club Sponsor
Patrick C. Andrews       Seville, OH                        Ohio State  University                   Gardeners of Greater Akron
Austin Brehun                Aurora, OH                       Ohio State University, ATI           Gardeners of Greater Akron
Olivia Dotson                 Salem, OH                         Kent State University                    Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown
Devin M. Herman          Edgerton, OH                   Ohio State University                   Gardeners Of Greater Akron
Desiree R. Pinkerton     East Liverpool, OH          Kent State University                    Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown

2017 Recipients:
Josiah Asher Bale          Lewis Center, OH             Ohio State University, ATI           Gardeners of Greater Akron
Hauk M. Boyes              Parksville, NY                     Cornell University                          Upstate New York Region
Christian Jay Moore      Salem, OH                        Ohio State  University                   Men’s Garden Club of Youngstown
Karen Schneck               Lawrence, KS                    Kansas State University                 Overland Park Garden Club       
Eric S. Tanner                 Alliance, OH                    Ohio State University, ATI            Gardeners Of Greater Akron


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